Here are just a few emails from satisfied owners of Talltail Kennel Dogs.

Brad this is Jeremy, I bought the b&w female from your
Sarah females litter. I thought that I would let you
know that she is doing great and I am really impressed
with her she really likes to point, I catch her
pointing just about anything I watched her point a
butterfly in the yard the other day for about 2-3
minutes. I should have some pictures of her during
training sessions pretty soon, if you would like I
could probably send you one if you wanted to see her
in action. Well anyway I thought that I would get in
touch and let you know that she is really coming on
strong, I usually wonder how litters I raised are
doing so I thought that I would mail you and let you
know  Thanks Jeremy


We had a two day chucker and quail hunt Mon and Tue. Mon TJ found 33 of the
chucker, pointed, and retrieved every one. She is very impressive. Thur
we are going wild bird hunting in Woodward.
Thanks Newley


This is Jeremy Johnson. I recently purchased a pup
out of Sarah. Pheasant season in Iowa started this
weekend and on Sunday I took Storm out. 5 min. into
the hunt she pointed a rooster that the old dogs
missed! She's really coming on excellent! She must
also take after her mom because she quickly makes
friends with everybody! She is a wonderful pup and a
big asset to our newely formed kennel! After Sunday,
I already have people wanting a pup out of her! Thank
you for breeding such high quality dogs! I'm sure
you'll be hearing from us in the future!
Thanks again from Jewel's Kennel
Jeremy and Alicia Johnson


I don't know if you remember me, but I bought one of your first puppies a few years back.  Just wanted to let you know she's a great dog.  Hunts like a madman great nose, and would hunt until she dropped dead if I let her.  She's also the spitting image of her mom Sharon.  My family that it was her on your website.  If I can find a picture to download I'll send it to you.  Thanks

Rudy Schenk